2 NEW ORGANIC THROW PILLOWS 16X16 Handmade ECO-Wool fill Hemp &Cotton USA insert

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Yet another ecologically thoughtful product from KellyGreenOrganic.com!

Decorating your home has now taken a venture into the organic. Our throw pillows are yours to decorate, put slip covers on or simply enjoy as is. Our Eco Wool fill is encased in a hemp and cotton blend fabric, the same fabric we make our bed pillows, sheets and pillowcases with. Sold by the pair, their natural, unbleached, undyed ivory color complements any decor! And they're hypoallergenic thanks to the organic materials.

Our products are entirely hand made in our little shop in Northern California by dedicated and happy artisans that believe in what they do.

Why hemp blend fabric? Hemp adds strength and resistance to mold, mildew and UV rays. The production of our fabric is ecologically sound and is superior to straight cotton fabrics. The cotton is certified organic from Europe. As little damage to the environment as possible is important to us so we wholeheartedly support our company that supplies our fabrics. 

Why Eco Wool? Eco Wool is responsibly produced by ranchers in Oregon. None of their fleeces are carbonized or washed in harsh chemicals that create the wool products that people can be allergic to. No fire retardants, either. The natural 'crimp' or curl of the wool fiber makes it like a little spring; it always bounces back. It also creates air curculation whether it's hot or cold out, keeping you comfortable year round. It always makes us feel good that we're helping to support an industry that is kind to the animals that create it. Eco Wool is resistant to dust mites and makes up into a firm, resilient yet fluffy pillow.

IMPORTANT: our materials are natural and finished products are hand made. There may be small variances from the item pictured. Hemp and hemp blend fabrics are more substantial and sturdier than 100% cotton fabrics, finished items are made to last and get softer with use and washing when appropriate. Wool filled products are not machine washable, because the wool would felt in the machine.  Some items have a zipper; if so, remove the wool before washing the encasement only. Bedding is sized to allow for shrinkage in the first few washes, we do not pre wash our textiles or finished products. All bedding item are not returnable, this also applies to custom products. Please see our return policy to verify.

We're happy to make custom sizes!  For estimates and special ordering please call 541-201-0808