Bed Pillow - filled with natural wool / alpaca blend - hypoallergenic - all sizes

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Alpaca-Eco Wool blend is now available as a pillow stuffing option. While 100% alpaca will flatten out quickly and not give enough support for head and neck, this 50% Eco Wool - 50% alpaca blend makes a wonderful, resilient batting. Great for pillows! We also sell this blend by the pound. 

Now available, all industry standard sizes of Eco Wool bed pillows by KelleyGreen Organics! We offer FREE SHIPPING in the continental US on pillows and most of our other products.

- 100% Ecologically Friendly Wool Fill, cruelty free.
- Encasement is tight weave all natural fabric hemp 55% organic cotton 45%
- Unbleached, undyed, toxin and chemical free.
- Feels great next to your skin.
- Natural vanilla cream color.
- Made entirely in the USA.
- Available sizes include Standard, Queen, King, and Euro. 
-Lofty and soft!

Travel 12 X 16

Junior/child 16 X 20

Standard 20 X 25

Queen 20 X 30

King 20 X 36

Euro 24 X 25

Body 20 X 55

This bed pillow cradles your head in supportive comfort! Soft, organic, resilient pillow resists dust mites, mold, moisture, and keeps you in the perfect temperature zone all night, winter or summer. Chemical-free Eco-Wool fill is surrounded by Hemp/Organic Cotton linen encasement. Made in our Shady Cove, OR shop under strict quality control standards. Dry Clean or freshen in sun and air.

IMPORTANT: our materials are natural and finished products are hand made. There may be small variances from the item pictured. Hemp and hemp blend fabrics are more substantial and sturdier than 100% cotton fabrics, finished items are made to last and get softer with use and washing when appropriate. Bedding is sized to allow for shrinkage in the first few washes, we do not prewash our textiles or finished products. All bedding item are not returnable, this also applies to custom products. Please see our return policy to verify.

Call us during customary business hours, 541-201-0808.

11 Reviews

  • 5
    Fantastic pillows - 5 start quality.

    Posted by Tom Couch on 28th May 2021

    Would highly recommend this product.

  • 5
    Alpaca blend pillow

    Posted by Michele Tafuri on 28th Apr 2021

    Loving my new , all natural pillow. I rest knowing I am breathing around natural fibers. Firm, yet contours to my head. Very awesome, thank you so much Kelly Green!!

  • 5

    Posted by Lisa C on 13th Feb 2018

    Many years ago, I purchased a set of standard wool pillows from a fledgling company called Kelley Organic selling their wool pillows via Ebay. I had been searching for years prior to that to find one that offered firm support but was soft enough not to flatten my ear (I'm a side-sleeper). These pillows withstood years of night-after-night of my heavy noggin flattening them. These pillows cradled my head during 2 pregnancies and well into my children's youth, until finally I had to admit that they had flattened so much that they were too hard on my ears to sleep on (however, the firm support has stood the test of time). I was seduced by the promises of another company offering exactly what I thought I wanted: a firm inner core pillow, surrounded by a soft, filled outter casing that could be washed easily. For the first month, this pillow was my everything. I raved about it. I practically sold them out of my garage, I was so committed. Until that fateful day. Yes, it was literally overnight, this pillow turned on me in the most epic of ways. I'm still unsure exactly what happened, but it now holds the esteemed title of the lumpiest pillow I have ever owned. Feeling woefully betrayed, I turned my attention back to good ole reliable wool. I checked my old pillows to see if either had a label that would give me any indication where I could purchase another from the same company. After a little research, I was delighted to discover that Kelly Organics is not only still in biz, but they have a website that I could order a new pillow from! Which I did, and now I couldn't be happier. I purchased the standard size alpaca & eco wool blend and it is lovely so far (I've been sleeping on it less than a month). I have noticed that it is flattening out, but when I fluff it, it springs right back. My hope is that over time, it will continue to "behave" this way. If that happens, I see "happily ever after" ending to my otherwise fruitless quest to finding the right pillow. The last thing I want to mention--and this is what made my shopping experience incomparable to any other one I've had--is Nina, the owner of the company. She was amazing and so responsive to my questions. I have never received the level of quality customer care that she provided. I know that from the animal that grew the materials of my beloved pillow, to the care with which the casings were sewed by hand, every step in the making of this product was overseen with care and attention to detail. You simply would be hard-pressed to find this quality of workmanship *anywhere* these days. I was truly grateful for the experience and interaction Nina provided, and when the time comes to restock our pillows, I know where to go.

  • 5
    Nicest pillow to be found Anywhere

    Posted by Bridget on 11th Mar 2015

    I ordered a queen size pillow with the striped ticking, a gift for my Husband. It is beautiful, he likes it too. This is not my first pillow purchase from Kelly Green Organic, it was my fourth. Highly recommended Also got the pillow case Beautiful!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Nov 2014

    The toddler sized pillow was an immediate hit with my toddler (perfect size, soft and comfy) and helped her in the transition from toddler to big girl bed! Thank you :)

  • 4
    Very comfy

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Apr 2014

    Very nice pillow, firm yet malleable.

  • 5
    Finally a comfy pillow!

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Sep 2013

    The two queen pillows arrived yesterday and my husband and I eagerly tried them out last night. They are fantastic! For years we have limped along with pillows that were filled with various sorts of synthetic fibers that never felt quite right. Too soft, too firm, too hot...but these are just perfect and the workmanship is impeccable. Thanks to Suzy who not only made these lovely things but was so helpful with keeping me informed of my order's status. I know we will be ordering more soon!

  • 4
    so nice

    Posted by Dave on 23rd Jul 2013

    A gorgeously comfortable pillow. I'm giving it 4 stars only because I haven't had them long enough to test the durability.

  • 5
    Perfect Pillow

    Posted by Ms. Cindy on 4th Nov 2012

    I recently ordered a queen size wool pillow. There are 6 or 7 pillows scattered around the house that I purchased in my quest for a decent pillow. I disliked every one of them: too soft, too firm, too flat, too hot, etc. I had to flip them all night long because my head got so hot. If they were too flat or too thick, my neck would hurt! My days of searching for a decent pillow are OVER!!! I spent 73.55 plus S & H to get this pillow in a queen size. I spent that much on all the other pillows I bought - what a waste of money. I wish I had known about these pillows to begin with. The thing that really surprises me is that my head doesn't got hot and the pillow doesn't get matted down to a pillow "pancake". I don't have to flip the pillow all night long. I like the thickness, too. After it matts down a little bit, it will be the perfect thickness. I have slept on it for about a week and love it! I put 2 pillow cases on mine to keep the cover nice as it is not machine washable. It's great if you have allergies - I do - but not a bit of trouble. The pillow doesn't have any strange odors and it isn't lumpy. I found out about this web site and the pillows on another web site blog. This lady had purchased some for her family and spoke highly of this company. I spoke with Suzy by phone and was really impressed with what she told me about the handling of the wool and the farm/ranch they buy from. After hearing all of the details about what goes into their pillows and the effort they make to put out a superior product, I was glad that I purchased from Kelley Green. I was telling Suzy about other web sites that sell wool pillows in about the same price range but I think my money was better spent on one of these pillows...and they are made in the USA. They use quality organic materials for the pillows and all of the materials are bought from good old USA vendors! I think my headline says it all: "Perfect Pillow"! Thanks to Kelley Green for producing a quality product...and thank-you Suzy for taking the time to educate me on the finer points of these pillows. Cindy