BLACK HEMP CANVAS FABRIC - By The Yard - Low Impact Dyed - 16.5 Oz. - 100% Hemp material

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We've come up with many useful and simply beautiful household objects with this tough yet smooth fabric. Now it's your turn and you can buy it direct from KelleyGreen Organics! Extremely durable and long wearing; much more so than cotton canvas.

Order as many yards as you need; it will come to you in one continuous piece.

*Low impact black dye
*Heavy weight, 16.5 ounce per square yard 
*Surprisingly smooth hand
*100% naturally grown hemp
*1 yard by 58 inches wide

This versatile and ecologically friendly fabric has lent itself to many of our own products such as zafu and zabuton meditation cushions, camp bed and our Pack and Play mattress covers. 

Hemp is naturally UV, mold and mildew resistant and simply makes the best canvas in the world. Used in crafting and sewing, our hemp canvas is great for making or repairing:

*Backpacks & Bags
*Tents and outdoor shelters/cabanas
*Indoor and outdoor cushions

*Carhart-style jackets and heavy duty pants


Strong nylon thread, heavy gauge needles and long stitch lengths work best on this fabric.