CRIB MATTRESS - Organic Eco-Wool - Baby / Toddler Bed - Hypoallergenic, Chemical-Free , Hand-made

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The very best for the very little!
Everything that goes into making these wonderful mattresses is certified organic, is unbleached, and never dyed. The durable all-wool encasement holds 10 pounds of Eco Wool, carded, pre-compressed and hand tufted in our Rogue River shop. Baby will sleep soundly on the thickest,‚Äč most comfortable mattress this side of the Cascades!
Our standard baby mattress measures 30"x50"x6" thick, but we can custom-size your mattress, usually at no extra cost. Call us (541.201.0808) to discuss custom sizes.
*100% sustainably raised Eco Wool fill
*Sturdy, durable construction throughout with baby's comfort uppermost
*Non-toxic, no dyes, unbleached vanilla-cream color.
Wool is cooler in summer; warmer in winter. Our Eco Wool resists moisture, mold, mites, mildew, and allergens. Your mattress wool is processed locally and humanely. No chemicals are ever used during processing or manufacturing.
All of our 100% natural and/or organic wool filled mattresses last for years if cared for properly.  They MSUT be placed on a slatted or ventilated frame to let them breathe and please do strip off bedding completely and air out very well every week. Any moisture (i.e. beverage spills or overnight accidents) must be sopped up with clean white towels immediately then the mattress may be spot cleaned with a hydrogen peroxide solution if necessary and allowed to dry completely before it's used again.  Flipping every two weeks ensures batting will keep its shape.  
When in storage keep covered in breathable cloth.  No plastic! 

Note: Our bedding products are natural, hand-made, and never dyed. There are small variances within the materials in shading and color. Bedding is sewn on industrial-grade machines, as required to last. Bedding products, including custom-made bedding, are not returnable. Please see our return policy here. If you plan to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or another country, call us at 541.202.0808 for custom shipping costs.