MOSES BASKET MATTRESS - Eco Wool - Hemp & Organic Cotton - Hypoallergenic

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A healthy sleeping space makes babies happy! Protect baby from toxic chemicals.

KellyGreen Organics is now offering "undressed" bassinet and Moses basket size mattresses only.

Dimensions: 14 X 30 Inches.

As always, we fill our hemp and organic cotton encasements with 100% Eco Wool batting. We skillfully hand-tuft our mattresses so they have lofty softness yet are still firm for a supported and restful sleep. Center tufting keeps baby's spine straight, naturally.

Wool is naturally pest and fire resistant, supplies superior air circulation, and lasts for years. These heirloom-quality mattresses will last for a very long time with proper care. (See our Product Care page for more about how to care for this and other KellyGreen products.) We also make puddle pads and washable sheets to fit this, right here at KellyGreenOrganic.

*Keep covered at all times when in use.
*Spot clean only with oxygen bleach or peroxide and plain water.
*Freshen in the sun periodically.
*Store in a cloth bag or pillowcase when not in use (no plastic!).

In the near future we will offer other sizes but in the meantime we are happy to make custom sizes and shapes, pricing may vary.

Free shipping offered in the continental U.S. International customers, please call or email us for rates!

Please call us:  541-201-0808