NURSING PILLOW organic Eco-Wool filled w/ organic hemp and cotton encasement

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A natural alternative to the well known "Boppy," we're launching a handy pair of helping hands for new families from KellyGreenOrganic!

Our all natural and organic wool nursing pillow lifts your baby closer in both cradle and football holds to your breast and helps keep arms and shoulders in a more relaxed position for a more comfortable feeding and bonding experience for both of you. This pillow also relieves pressure from your abdomen and legs while you are feeding or holding your baby.

These are wonderful for dads, grandparents and siblings, for bottle feeding, and are essential for post-op moms.

Nursing pillow:

* Sturdy hemp and organic cotton encasement releases stains easily with hydrogen peroxide.
* Stuffed firmly with THREE POUNDS of Eco Wool batting.
* Generous width from side seam to side seam.
* Interior well is comfortably wide.
* The part that supports baby is dense and thick.
* Pillow arms taper around the side.
* Extra deep, plenty of room to support your elbows.
* Hand made in the USA!

Zippered cover:

* Sturdy hemp and organic cotton wears for years and releases stains easily.
* Extra long zipper at the outside seam of the pillow for fuss free cover washing.
* Vanilla color matches most nursery decor.
* Hand made in the USA!

When your baby gets older it's a wonderful support for learning how to sit up, and napping.

Spot cleaning this product occasionally with plain water and hydrogen peroxide is encouraged. Better still, we recommend the separate washable zippered nursing pillow cover. These can be ordered with the pillow as part of a set, or separately.

Call us at 541-201-0808 if you have questions, we love talking to you!