WOOL MATTRESS - Twin Full Double Queen King and California King - Hand-made - Natural Bedding

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Our 100% wool mattresses are lovingly and skillfully hand made for you to provide restorative and deep sleep for many years, virtually a lifetime with proper care!  

When you're searching for a wool mattress, it's important to shop and compare: how many inches of loft? How many pounds of wool? We're sure that after you've shopped around, you'll find that our mattress have up to 35% more wool, up to 3" higher loft and are a better value than the other organic wool mattresses on the market.  They are SOLID WOOL all the way through; no latex or other, cheaper fillers.

*Eight (8) inches thick - loftiest wool mattress around! Our competitors have reduced their size to four inches and charge more than we do!

*Encasement, or outer covering is made from soft, resilient organic wool textile

*Filled with hand compressed and tufted Eco Wool batting

*Superior air circulation

*Naturally dust mite, mold and mildew resistant

*Hand tufted to stabilize the batting to keep it from shifting

*Sewn with industrial machines and by hand

We suggest flipping and turning our mattresses every week or two and giving them a good airing out with bedding, toppers and protectors removed.  Spot clean with mild detergent and/or oxygen bleach if necessary.  Consider one of our Eco Wool mattress protectors to shield your mattress from moisture and stains.


All of our 100% natural and/or organic wool filled mattresses last for years if cared for properly.  They MUST be placed on a slatted or ventilated frame to let them breathe and please do strip off bedding completely and air out very well every week.  Any moisture (i.e. beverage spills or overnight accidents) must be sopped up with clean white towels immediately then the mattress must be spot cleaned with a hydrogen peroxide solution if necessary and allowed to dry completely before it's used again.  Flipping every two weeks ensures batting will keep it's shape.

When in storage keep covered in breathable cloth.  No plastic!


Here are some words from our wool supplier about Eco Wool:

*We contract with the wool growers to follow my (carding mill) guidelines.

*Growers use specially trained dogs to protect the sheep from predators, not guns.

*The sheep get a much needed, careful haircut in the Spring.

*Most of the sheep are on grazing land. Their supplement does not contain any animal parts

*They may receive antibiotics, but the least amount needed and the most enviro-friendly antibiotics that is acceptable.

*The wool is washed in the most sensitive detergent as possible that still cleans the wool. The detergent is undetectable when the batting is tested, meaning that it does not remain in the wool. NO bleaching agents.

*No carbonizing. The sheep are just sheared and not killed, so there is no 'skin' to dispose of.

*The sheep live and grow another year's crop of wool.

 *The wool is packed in burlap bags for shipping and recycled paper after triple-carding (combing) when packaged for batting.


We ship mattresses in four to six weeks after orders are placed and payment received. Please call us at 541-201-0808 if you have questions!





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    Great Mattress

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Apr 2014

    Really like the mattress. We have been using it on a platform bed frame without any additional toppers or layers. It is very comfortable nice thick, supportive mattress. A pleasure to sleep on.